A Browns Fan Was So Happy About The Odell Beckham Jr. Trade That His Neighbor Called The Cops

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It’s an exciting time for fans of the Cleveland Browns. The team has been aggressive this offseason building a squad capable of competing for a postseason spot under new head coach Freddie Kitchens, with the latest example of this coming earlier in the week, when the front office got Baker Mayfield a No. 1 target in Odell Beckham Jr.

The Browns aren’t exactly known for being an organization with a bright future, and their fans are hardly the most optimistic bunch. Perhaps that’s why one Clevelander had no idea what to do when she saw a neighbor sprinting up and down the street, screaming and flailing their arms around aimlessly.

This is the story of two people — Corita Jackson and Robert Stewart, who live across the street from one another in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights. Jackson was getting her kids out of the car on Tuesday night, at which point she heard a very high-pitched screaming coming from down the road. She looked and saw Stewart running around for reasons she did not understand, so she decided to call the police.

As you can guess, Stewart is a gigantic Browns fan and was just celebrating the Beckham trade. Here is a local news dispatch on what happened next.

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