Knockout Of The Day: Bruce Boyington Goes Full 'Bloodsport'

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.10.12 12 Comments

On Friday, I wrote a piece for Progressive Boink ranking the 15 worst fighters in the 1988 film Bloodsport. After watching this video, seeing someone get knocked out by an exaggerated movie spin kick and watching 17 seconds of utter MMA futility, I might have to go back and add Keegan Hornstra to the list.

The fight starts around the 4:30 mark and is over two kicks later, so don’t blink. Bruce Boyington has more difficulty with the cage than with Keegan Hornstra.

Here’s to hoping the fans who paid to get into NEF Fight Night 3 found something fun to do with the rest of their night. Not a lot to do in Lewiston, Maine. Catch seafood in wire crates, watch guys get spin-kicked to death … yeah, I’m spent.

[H/T to Maine Lobster Mobster by way of MiddleEasy]

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