Bryan Cranston Finally Got To Meet His Childhood Hero, Los Angeles Dodgers Legend Vin Scully

You might remember back about a year ago when Bryan Cranston did a Reddit AMA and was asked who his heroes were growing up in L.A. If you don’t, here’s the answer:

“Um… gosh. Sandy Koufax, Vin Scully, my grandfather …”

Well Cranston can scratch Scully’s name from his bucket list. The LA Dodgers tweeted out the photo above a bit earlier, showing the Breaking Bad star spending some time with the legendary broadcaster. It’s a great photo featuring two great people, but you’d be surprised to find that this isn’t actually the first time these two have crossed paths. A sit down has been a long time coming. From Dodger Insider:

No matter what was going on in my life, if there were problems in the family or anything like that, if I heard Vin Scully’s voice, it brought everything down to a level that made sense and it calmed me. His voice to me was like being hugged. I only met him once, but it was in passing. It wasn’t like I got the chance to sit down and talk to him. I would love that. That would be my dream to sit down and actually have a conversation with him. It’s probably more frustrating to meet somebody quickly than to not have met them.

Vin Scully and Bob Uecker are my two baseball comforts from across the country. Being on the East Coast affords the luxury of having Scully be the voice you hear before you pass out for the night, a much preferred sound over the screaming of my local broadcasters or those idiots on ESPN. I do miss Jon Miller though, he was great before he was run out of Baltimore.

I say try to meet some of your heroes while you can. Not all of them are going to be total dicks.

(Via Los Angeles Dodgers)