12.08.09 9 years ago

Long-time sports announcer Bryant Gumbel has told the world that he’s battling lung cancer. I guess “battling” sounds better than “trying really hard to not die from.” Gumbel made the announcement while guest hosting an episode of “Live! With Regis and Kelly.” And since we are talking about cancer, I should point out that that’s “Live!” with a long I, and not a short I.

After re-introducing Gumbel as her temporary co-host, Kelly Ripa said Gumbel had revealed something backstage that made her “almost faint.”

Ripa had been discussing her excitement about working out on the show with guest Julianne Hough of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” when Gumbel said he could not participate, explaining he had a note from his doctor. –ABCNews

Gumbel hasn’t done play-by-play for games on the NFL Network since 2007, so in the event his health takes a turn for the worse, you’ll actually be able to see it.

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