Bryce Harper Is Continuing To Make Baseball Fun Again With A 100 Emoji On His Bat Handles

Bryce Harper is either the worst thing to happen to America’s pastime or the greatest thing to happen to the world’s oldest and most stuffy sport. Of course, the correct answer is the latter, because even if Harper is a cocky punk, he’s an entertaining cocky punk, and we want to be entertained.

He continued that tradition in a subtle way Monday by using a bat with a 100 emoji on the knob.

You see, young people, like Harper, enjoy using emojis in conversations. They like to “keep it 100,” which means “keep it real” to you olds out there. It also has another, deeper meaning, as Harper is one home run shy of 100 for his career. Harper is speaking to the young people like few players can today.

And when he’s not making baseball great again through emojis, he’s stealing second base with a mouthful of batting gloves because why not.

[mlbvideo id=”585065183″ width=”650″ height=”360″ /]

There’s a scene in the movie Private Parts about Howard Stern when Pig Vomit is trying to understand why Stern is so popular. It turned out that the people who loved him wanted to hear what he’d say next, but the people who hated him also wanted to hear what he’d say next.

That’s Harper. And the best part is he’s only 21 years old, so get ready for at least another decade of this stuff and old men being angry about it.

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