Bryce Harper Is Not A Fan Of The Atlanta Braves Logo Behind Home Plate At Turner Field

08.10.14 4 years ago 12 Comments
Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves

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Bryce Harper has a lot of nerve. During yesterday’s game between the Nationals and the Braves, Harper let his displeasure with the Atlanta fans known by scraping his foot across the team emblem in the dirt behind home plate.

The Braves broadcasters couldn’t help but point it out during the game, most likely pointing out that he broke at least eighteen unwritten rules. From The Washington Post:

“Harper, now [in] two at-bats has done the same thing as he makes his way to the left-hand batters box,” Atlanta’s television play-by-play man said during Harper’s second at-bat. “Watch what he does when he gets to the ‘A’ behind home plate.”

“Just endears himself to more Braves fans,” quipped the color man.

The Atlanta Braves followed that up by sending out a tweet to hopefully rally fans against this transgression of field etiquette. It didn’t go as planned:

So what does this mean? My first reaction to seeing him do it immediately went to the absence of Brian McCann, a true asshole keeper of the holy grail that is the unwritten rules of baseball. We’d all be talking about some silly confrontation right now if he wasn’t off to fill the void that is Yankee Stadium.

Many have pointed out that it’s the silliest of controversies, and it is, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not going to get hit with a fastball tonight. Kirk Gibson and Kevin Towers would’ve set up a ball machine in the parking lot to ensure their team got justice, all while Charles Nagy drives by in shock.

The teams play tonight in the national game on ESPN, so tune in if that sort of thing interests you. Living near DC, I’m bored to death with the Nationals and the Braves make my blood boil. They could be the best teams in all of baseball and I think I’d still fall asleep during a game. That’s Natitude for you.

(Via Gradick Sports / SB Nation / Washington Post)

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