Bryce Harper Has Officially Replaced Chase Utley As Mac’s Favorite Phillie On ‘It’s Always Sunny’

03.11.19 4 months ago

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The gang from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has a very special relationship with the Philadelphia Phillies. They’re careful, for example, not to say the proper name of the team’s mascot for fear of copyright infringement. That plot point was one of many in one of the show’s best episodes, which revolves around the Phillies winning the World Series.

Another plot point in that episode is co-creator Rob McElhenney’s character Mac and his somewhat unsettling love of then-Phillie Chase Utley. It’s a bit that’s spilled over into real life as well, especially when McElhenney gained and then lost a ton of weight for the role, becoming Jacked Mac. But the latest player McElhenney — and pretty much every Phillies fan — wants to “have a catch” with is Bryce Harper, the biggest free agent signing of the offseason in MLB.

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