Bryce Harper Seems Like An Easy-Going Guy

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08.11.11 6 Comments

If you watch this video of Richmond Flying Squirrel Eric Surkamp striking out Bryce Harper during Wednesday night’s Harrisburg Senators game, you’re allowed two trains of thought. The first is standing up and going YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH like the spider monkey in the blaze orange The second is summed up by YouTube user samherb1, who cuts to the chase and says what every sports blogger would say if they didn’t get paid to be inflammatory.

Video after the jump.

That’s it, really. He seems like a dick. He heads to first base but gets called on strikes, so he turns around and whips his helmet to the ground. That gets him ejected. He gets into the umpire’s face, does a little pointing, then storms back to the dugout where he (I’m assuming) slams his door and turns up his stereo as loud as it’ll go. Getting pissed about balls and strikes happens to the best of us (well, the best of them), but you’ve got to wonder if he knew it was going to happen … he pretty much has his helmet in his hand the second he gets called out. If watching and rewatching baseball ejections has taught me nothing else, it’s that the guys who get the maddest are the ones who know they’re wrong and are trying to get away with it..

Rob Dibble needs to take this kid on a fishing trip or something and get him to f**king relax.

[h/t Big League Stew and me liking the Nationals]

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