Bryce Harper's Reaction To His First Major League Homer Is Vintage Bryce Harper

05.15.12 6 years ago 9 Comments


19-year old Washington Nationals rookie sensation Bryce Harper hit his first Major League home run during the third inning of Monday’s 8-5 win over the San Diego Padres. This brings him even with three-time MVP Albert Pujols on the season and puts him only 761 behind all-time leader Barry Bonds. It was a moment of celebration, especially for Washington-area sports writers who could not write “Bryce Harper hit a home run” in less than six paragraphs.

Harper’s opinion of his first home run ball is, to date, my very favorite:

After the game, the ball was sitting in his locker with “1st ML HR” written on it in ballpoint pen. The keepsake was going to get a place alongside his first home run ever — at around age 7 — and other mementos. He had a hard time remembering other saved items.

“I don’t really keep track,” Harper said. “All my stuff is in just a box. Posters, magazines — I don’t really care.” (via Sports Illustrated)

Somewhere out there, a nation of teenage girls who’d swoon if they knew young people played sports are swooning.

Of course, there are tons of “there are no words”-esque comments from Harper and his teammates to put the homer in a proper perspective, but I’m pretending they don’t. I want the Nationals to win the World Series on a Bryce Harper 9th-inning walk-off this season just for that moment when he’s interviewed after the game, shrugs and says “whatever, I’m outta here” before sulking away.

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