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Whether judging the strength of the entire Big Ten conference based on Ohio State’s performance in the 2006 and 2007 BCS title games is justified or not, there’s another dubious opinion that’s entirely less disputable: Ohio State can’t seem to develop quarterbacks. The last Buckeye signal caller to establish a “respectable” NFL career was Tom Tupa, who spent most of his 17 years in the league as a punter.

So it’s notable that the two of the most recent fellows to play under center in Columbus are looking for their respective props. Troy Smith, who now plays for the Ravens, asked for a trade while his team is in the middle of a playoff race, while current Buckeye quarterback Terrelle Pryor just wants everyone to stop dumping on the Big Ten.

Smith’s timing for a trade request seems dubious, since there seemed to be little doubt in Baltimore over the past 12 months that Joe Flacco was going to be The Guy. His team is chasing down a wild card spot; why make waves now? And why do it through your agent on Twitter?

Pryor, meanwhile, seems eager to carry the flag for the Big Ten into the Rose Bowl on New Year’s day. It’s about time somebody did. Too bad that it had to be a quarterback from Ohio State.

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