West Virginia Giant Bucky Boyd Is The New Muhammad Ali

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02.08.13 28 Comments

Bucky Boyd

West Virginia fight promoters put on an annual event called the ‘Rough N’ Rowdy Brawl,’ a boxing showdown for amateurs within a 50-mile radius of whichever city hosts the card. To help stir up buzz for the Brawls, they ask the fighters to record short, to-the-point hype videos about how tough and great they are. Now, if you read those two sentences and decided “hype videos for people within 50 miles of an amateur West Virginia toughman competition are probably a comedy goldmine,” OH MAN, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.

Meet Bucky Boyd, a 7-foot Welch, WV, gent who feels he was wronged in his previous fight against a guy called The Tree. Important note: this is not pro wrestling.

“McDowell Co. Giant” Bucky Boyd of Welch, WV will be fighting in the heavyweight division at the Rough N’ Rowdy Brawl in Bluefield, WV at the Brushfork Armory on Nov. 9-10. Bucky is 7’0″ tall and 400 lbs. He wants a rematch with 7’0″ tall, 266 lbs. “The Tree” Daniel Shrewsbury who he fought in Welch. More info at http://www.boxingcontest.com/

The absolutely must-watch video is after the jump. Please don’t miss this. I don’t care if you skip past our next 10 Taiwanese Animation video shares and bikini galleries, just make sure you’ve heard Billy Boyd talk, and share it with everyone you’ve ever met.

Thoughts on the video:


– I agree with Boyd about his last fight with Tree. It was daffally frook.

– Wait, is he fighting an actual tree?

– I love that he approaches the camera in every single cut.

– I am also slightly concerned with how much Boyd wants Tree on Friday night, and how much he dreams of him.

– “When I hit people … I break bo.”

– Does he have something in his front pocket, or is he just really excited?

– His grape squashing is epic. I love that they included him getting grape juice in his eye. Did you only buy one grape? Was that your one shot to get it right?

– I’m not convinced that Boyd is actually 7 feet tall. He could just be a regular-sized guy with someone filming him at that weird angle. Besides, do they even make sideways hats that large?

– The Hot N’ Ready Rough N’ Rowdy Brawl website is just as funny as Boyd. Proof:


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