Even The Bucs Receivers Couldn’t Believe Some Of The Throws Mahomes Made In The Super Bowl

The Buccaneers dominated Super Bowl LV, cruising to a 31-9 victory over the Chiefs thanks to an offensive explosion in the first half and an all-time great defensive effort against the league’s most dangerous offense.

The Bucs brought immense pressure on Patrick Mahomes and were able to move him off his spot and make him attempt some crazy passes, and Chiefs receivers simply couldn’t make plays on the other end of those throws. However, it wasn’t for a lack of effort from Mahomes, who was running for his life on most plays, scrambling for nearly 500 yards before his throws or sacks (of which there were only two) on the night. Some of those plays were so incredible that it didn’t matter that they weren’t completed, he had everyone in awe of his ability just to give his guys a chance — most notably his diving 4th and 9 throw.

Among those stunned watching Mahomes go to work were the Bucs receiving corps, as NFL Films captured Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Scotty Miller all marveling at Mahomes’ magic act on the sideline during the game.

It is a tremendous video as it shows the sheer amazement of the Bucs receivers watching Mahomes twirl around while being grabbed at by one of the best defensive lines in football and still get passes off that almost ended up being completed. These are pros at the very top of the game and even they are like kids on the sideline reenacting and and going over what Mahomes just did on the field.