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MLB commissioner Bud Selig topped the list of wealthiest sports executives, raking in — hold on, I gotta break out the bold print here — $15.06 million for sitting on his ass during the fiscal year that ended in October 2006.

Selig's most recent pay total combines $14.515 million in base compensation, $400,999 in contributions to employee benefit plans, and $140,603 from an expense account and other allowances. The base compensation was roughly split between salary and a 100 percent bonus granted by the MLB Executive Council's compensation committee.

So that's a 100% bonus for a salary in the neighborhood of $7.25M, and an expense account that's about the combined salary of three public school teachers.  Can someone tell me whose dick I gotta suck to perform my job as well as a paper weight, at which time a committee meets and says, "You know, he sat there and did absolutely fucking nothing so well that we should give him a year's salary for Christmas."

I defy you to find someone with less of a vision and a greater proclivity for inaction than Selig.  He spent the last decade fucking up the steroid scandal in every conceivable way simply because he didn't want to make any ripples.  Oh, but great call on the All-Star Game tie and making it worth home-field advantage in the World Series.  Here's fifteen million dollars.  Get yourself a new suit from the Men's Wearhouse, douchebucket.

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