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Most of you probably remember Mark Buehrle’s perfect game from Friday, which was probably pretty boring through the first few innings, but anyway…Last night Buehrle picked up where he left off, retiring the first 17 batters he faced before coughing up five runs to the Minnesota Twins and picking up a loss.

The Twins scored all five of their runs in Buehrle’s final two-thirds of an inning to pick up their third straight victory and move into a tie with the White Sox for second place in the American League Central, two games back of the division-leading Tigers.

“We’ve faced this guy so many times and we’ve watched him pitch so many times,” Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said. “It’s a race track out there, and all we were saying in the dugout is, ‘Slow down. You’ve got to slow him down a little bit, because once he gets on a roll like that, he can mow right through you.'” via.

On the bright side, Buehrle just saved himself 25 bottles’ worth of Crown Royal XR. It’s tough to throw a no-hitter in a ballpark that uses two-ply Hefty bags for its outfield walls. Actually, I don’t know if that’s true. I just felt like taking a little dig at the Metrodome. The Twins’ win puts them in a second-place tie with the Sox. And then this is when some guy driving a Camaro drives up and screams, “Second place is the first loser!” That’s nice, Camaro guy. Now pull out your abacus so I can calculate which loser you are. Oh, you don’t have an abacus? Then I guess these empty cans of PBR in your passenger seat will do.

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