Watch This Bills Coach Call Officials A ‘Disgrace To The NFL’ After Their Loss To The Eagles

The Buffalo Bills continued to have penalties as their Achilles’ heel on Sunday with 15 for 101 yards in their loss to the Eagles. Buffalo has had 124 accepted penalties this season, just one behind the league-leading Bucaneers.

Despite being a team that regularly commits a ton of penalties, Rex Ryan and his staff were upset with a number of calls that went against them in the Philadelphia game, as they made a huge difference in the Bills’ three-point loss.

After the game, Ryan and his staffers were walking through the tunnel with the game’s referees when someone yelled, “You’re a disgrace to the NFL!” It didn’t appear to be Ryan, but it very well may have been defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman.

Ryan was certainly livid with the officials during the game, but in his post-game press conference, he put the blame on himself and the players, via

“I don’t know,” Ryan said. “It was a disgrace that we had too many penalties. That’s on us. There’s always things that you’re going to have disagreements with, with the officials. There’s always going to be that. That’s Ed Hochuli, and that’s about as good a crew as you’re going to get. Did I think it went perfect? Probably not.”

In typical Rex Ryan fashion, Ryan also said that he thought the Bills were the “better team” on Sunday despite the loss.

Losing to the Eagles put the Bills in dire straits in terms of earning a playoff birth, as they are now 6-7 and two full games behind the Chiefs and Jets for a wild card spot.


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