Bills Draft Pick Spencer Brown Celebrated By Going Full Bills Mafia And Jumping Through A Table

The NFL Draft can lead to football players doing some silly things. It’s the best day of a young man’s life, and when they find out what city they’ll call home for the next few years, plenty will try to do things to endear themselves to their new fanbase from day one.

For one player, this meant leaning really hard into getting drafted by the Buffalo Bills. The team selected Spencer Brown, a monstrous offensive lineman from Northern Iowa, in the third round on Friday night, and in response, Brown grabbed his nearest folding table and immediately became a member of Bills Mafia. Fortunately one of his friends was filming the whole thing, and we got to see Brown drop a Macho Man-esque elbow onto the table.

Brown is a fascinating prospect — he stands 6’8 and 311 pounds, his athletic numbers are off the charts, and he was a second-team All-Conference selection in 2019 before sitting out the 2020 campaign due to the pandemic. He also did not appear to get injured after he celebrated getting selected by the Bills by dropping an elbow through a table that he immediately destroyed, so all in all, the fine folks in Buffalo’s front office are probably pretty stoked with this pick.