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The Buffalo Jills are in Iraq — I assume to improve troop morale, not to train Iraqi police — and they stayed at Baghdad’s JVB Hotel at the same time as photographer Julie Dermansky, who snapped some photos of the Jills in the (formerly) five-star setting.

They certainly timed their trip right.  It’s still pretty cool there in February, and peak sandstorm season doesn’t really start until March.  As you may know, sandstorm season continues throughout the summer as temperatures exceed 130° every day.  And that’s before calculating the humidity.  And dealing with the black clouds of flies.  And the bombs.  In conclusion, dear sweet God that country sucks.

*This tangent away from cheerleaders brought to you by PTSD.  Today: bad memories from lost youth.  Tonight: dreams about killing children!  Wheeeee, being a veteran rules!  We get our own holiday and everything.  NOTE: “everything” does not include sufficient health care.

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