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So Chris Mortensen caught wind of what he’s calling a “stealth meeting” between the Buffalo Bills and current CBS NFL analyst Bill Cowher. Cowher, who hasn’t coached since the 2006 season, has always been that random name that floated around whenever a head coaching vacancy in the league popped up. So you’re confirming his return! [Falls down stairs] Or you’re not?

It is believed that owner Ralph Wilson Jr. joined team president Russ Brandon to gauge Cowher’s potential interest to return to coaching.

The Bills, who also met with Mike Shanahan after Dick Jauron was fired, believe talks with Cowher were very productive, the sources added, but gave no indication whether Cowher will take their head-coaching position if it is offered. –ESPN.

Two things about Cowher: First of all, he seems pretty content at CBS trading yuks with Dan Marino and pretending to offer analysis. Secondly, he looked pretty damn burned out after the Steelers finally won the Super Bowl. But now that his kid is done playing basketball and he’s had a few years to recharge, why wouldn’t he go back to work with a terrible small-market team that’s literally trying to flee the country? All I know is to never trust a man with a mustache. It’s like a third eyebrow that got lost on its way up to the top of the face.

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