05.29.09 9 years ago 21 Comments

Don Chavez and Buzzfeed had the poop on this bullfighter from Spain that was gored in the chest during a “performance” on Wednesday. From BF:

Israel Lancho is currently in serious condition after undergoing surgery for a 20cms hole, and we’re assuming the bull was put down shortly thereafter.

I can only hope that bull got on a boat and came to America, where we either kill the damn thing and throw it on the grill, or just let him hang out until we run out of other stuff to eat. If you hadn’t noticed in the image, that’s a goddamn SWORD in the bull’s back. Nothing better to do in Spain than dragging on the killing of animals for show? Michael Vick is plotting his comeback in the wrong country. F’ck Spain.

Watch the DC video after the jump, if you like. I’m sure it’s as disturbing as you’d expect it to be. But watching the rest of his clown posse drag him to medical attention is somewhat gratifying. Not that I’m bitter.

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