A Bullfighter Suffered A Horrific Injury When He Was Gored In The Rectum

Associate Editor

I have never done any kind of bullfighting, but I think the main objective is to not get your day completely ruined by a bull. If that’s the case, this dude did not bullfight properly, because his day got all kinds of messed up.

There is no way to write this that won’t lead to you squirming, so here it is as bluntly as possible: while fighting this bull, Antonio Romero got pushed to the ground by the animal. While he was on the deck, the bull attacked him by taking its horn and sticking it directly up the bullfighter’s butt. This is the single worst sports injury that can happen, probably. At the very least it’s in the top-5.

This happened in Mexico City on Sunday, and that Univision described this as a very serious injury, with the goring being 11.8 inches deep into Romero’s rectum.

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