Bully’s Mom Wants Victim’s Apology

03.17.11 8 years ago 10 Comments

Thanks to round-the-clock news that focuses on news that shouldn’t really be focused on, we know considerably more about Casey, AKA Zangief’s Son, AKA Kid Zangief, AKA Casey the Punisher, AKA that kid who body slammed the bejesus out of that stupid kid who was picking on him. Casey Heynes is a Year 10 student at Chifley College’s Dunheved Campus in Australia, and his tormentor was a younger student named Ritchard Gale. According to numerous reports, both students were suspended for 4 days (one report claimed that Gale was suspended for 17 days), and despite Casey’s evident case of self defense, the school’s officials claimed that they have a zero tolerance policy on any kind of fighting. Even Foxy Boxing? Damn, I thought you were cool, Australia.

While Casey’s parents have expressed their concern over their son becoming an instant worldwide hero – coincidentally during the same week as Australia’s National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence tomorrow (the focus is ironically bystanders, presumably with video cameras) – it is Gale’s mother who has come out and demanded an apology from Casey.

“We don’t need this posted everywhere,” she said. “I would like him to apologise.”

“I was actually shocked because I always brought my three children up to walk away from fights,” she said. (Via The Telegraph)

She added, “You know, fights that he picked by bullying a kid that is three times his size.”

We all pretty much agree that bullying sucks and that it is clearly an issue in any school in every country. So if Casey’s parents were the ones demanding an apology and declaring their anger over the video being all over the Internet, I would back them every step of the way. But since it’s the bully’s mom who is crying over the video, which YouTube can’t even kill (see banner image), I will kindly flip my scarf, polish my monocle, adjust my top hat and, on behalf of people who have been picked on as children (I’m a guy named Ashley, so use your imagination), invite her to kiss my ass. Her son brought this on and by the sounds of the laughter those were his friends who made the video. I don’t care how old he is, he’s now the crying, shamed face of bullies. Ritchard made his bed, and now he’s been body slammed into it.

On a less serious note, the fine people in Taiwan have weighed in with their own video version.

(Also, Casey even has a Facebook fan page devoted to him if you want to check it out and see how much groupie ass he’s scoring.)

(Video via Off The Bench)

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