A Bunch Of Skeptics Disproved EFO Forever (Layman’s Terms: Hodokens Aren’t Real And We’re Sorry)

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12.13.13 5 Comments

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One of our favorite running gags from the world of fighting is Empty Force, aka “EFO,” aka “what people claim they’re using when they claim they can throw hadoken fireballs like Ryu and Ken in Street Fighter II.” You know, hurting people without actually touching them. We’ve investigated the claims of a Chinese man we’re 99% isn’t Akuma and shared a compilation of organized religion’s greatest EFO moments. Nothing’s funnier than a bunch of people falling down because a preacher waved his hand at them.

The carny MMA wing of EFO mostly revolves around guys who claim they can incapacitate attackers simply by “opening their heart,” meaning they can stand still or maybe move their arm a little and their attacker becomes paralyzed and collapses. If your first thought here is, “wow, you shouldn’t tell people to stand still and do nothing but use the POWER OF THEIR HEART to fend off a robber because we don’t live in the world of the f*cking Planeteers,” you’re on the right track.

Recently a few skeptics attended an EFO exhibition in Barcelona and chronicled what happened, and you’re in luck, because it contains the two things you want from any EFO video: a bunch of people flailing around like idiots after being hit by nothing, and a bunch of people NOT flailing BECAUSE they were hit by nothing. It’s beautiful in its awkwardness, and I’ll give these guys my next 10 paychecks if they find Benny Hinn and pull this on him.

An imaginary hat-tip to Middle Easy for bringing this to my attention. I wish it had ended with “if I kick you as hard as I can in the face right now would you be able to WHOOPS SORRY ALREADY KICKED YOU IN THE FACE.”

Now we to find some skeptics to disprove this:

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