This Is How You Get A Double From A Bunt With No Errors

05.13.16 3 years ago

Korean baseball is a wonderful thing, filled with bat flips and so-good-they’re-illegal defensive strategies (and if you dream hard enough, dinger-smashing gorillas), but we’re not sure we’ve seen anything this unique and delightful from the KBO before: a bunt double.

No, not a bunter who made it to second base thanks to an error, but an honest-to-God double in the box score on a bunt for KT Wiz’s Lee Dae-Hyung, who must have Hulk hands to get a bunt to the edge of the infield dirt. Of course, just because there wasn’t an error doesn’t mean the play was well defended — far from it. Both the shortstop and the second basemen moved to cover second base, even though there was no one on first, and neither of them seemed all that in a rush to go get it once it went into the outfield, which is how you wind up with a center fielder covering a bunt-double. Good job, good effort, guys.

(H/t Deadspin)

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