Buster Posey On Pep Talks, America, And How Unfair Madison Bumgarner Is

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Buster Posey has just begun his eighth season in Major League Baseball, and he’s pretty much done everything a position player can accomplish. He’s won three World Series titles with the San Francisco Giants, taken home Rookie of the Year and MVP awards, won a batting title, a Gold Glove, three Silver Slugger awards, and has been a four-time All-Star. If that weren’t enough, just last month, he helped Team USA win their first-ever World Baseball Classic championship.

He’s also caught a perfect game and two other no-hitters, and has given out a lot of hugs for a lot of different reasons. His role as cornerstone of the offense, in addition to catching the lauded pitching staff fronted by Madison Bumgarner, has earned him a very deserved reputation as a level-headed mentor, despite having just turned 30 years old.

That reputation is now extending beyond the baseball diamond, as Esurance has tapped Posey to be their spokesperson, putting him front and center in a series of ads where he delivers sage advice in the form of impromptu daily-life pep talks. It’s clear we could all use a presence as solid as Buster Posey in our lives, although we need pitchers to stop hitting Buster in the head with baseballs first.

We were lucky enough to get a chance to talk to Posey about the ads, and about how he handles, well, just being Buster Posey, really.

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