Giants Catcher Buster Posey Opted Out Of The MLB Season After The Births Of His Twin Daughters

Decisions on whether to play the 2020 season are due soon across MLB, and Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants became the latest to opt out, citing concerns over the recent birth of adopted twin daughters.

Not only is the task of raising two newborns a ton of responsibility, but Posey told media on Friday that they were both born prematurely and will have to spend time in the ICU for “some time.” He did relay, however, that the twins are doing well.

Daughters Ada and Livvi are stable, but Posey didn’t want to risk travel and the general busyness of the season while his wife tended to the babies and the medical challenges they face. Posey admitted he may not have opted out if their birth had not been premature.

After many NWSL and NBA players opted out to keep safe during the pandemic, the MLB setup only poses more health risks, as baseball players will be asked to travel to different markets all around their region of the country and play a much longer 60-game regular season plus extended playoffs. It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear more stars like Posey decide against playing this year before we actually make our way to Opening Day in a couple weeks.