Busy Weekend For Replay In Big, Little Leagues

08.30.10 8 years ago

Brian McCann waited on second base for a sign, and when the umpires came out of their little replay cave, he got it–the twirly finger signal for a home run. McCann hit the first-ever walkoff shot to come under the scrutiny of instant replay, which triggered an odd comparison with Little League baseball. The princes of pubescence have had their own replay system in place for their Little League World Series: one that seems ridiculously practical and efficient.

Each coach can challenge any one call – that’s ONE call – and the umpire goes to a replay screen behind the grandstands underneath home plate to take a look at the play. It’s a pretty quick process, and if the coach is right, the play is reversed, and the coach keeps the right to challenge another play later if he or she chooses. If the umpire’s original call was correct, then the coach is out of challenges. –Scott Kendrick/About.com

Having said all of that, the Little League doesn’t belong on TV. Children should be seen on “America’s Got Talent” and not heard. Ever. If Whitney Houston could see the state of children today, she’d be spinning in her grave. What’s that? She’s still alive? Are you sure?

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