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It’s one thing to live in the lap of luxury in a massive house that lays (lies?) off the beaten path. It’s another to live in a posh fortress that makes visitors loathe themselves and reflect on how little they’ve accomplished in life. But that’s Mike Shanahan for you, whose former residence, a 20,000-plus-square-foot mansion, is now for sale. One real estate site has the asking price at $17 million.

Denver BizJournals confirms that it is Shanahan’s old place.

Located at 20 Cherry Hills Park Drive, the ranch-style house has 20,199 square feet of space in two stories. Amenities include a Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, hot tub, swimming pool and several fireplaces, according to property tax records.

The house sits on nearly 2.5 acres of land.

Shanahan, who has business interests in metro Denver, also is building a 35,000-square-foot, ranch-style home in Cherry Hills Village. What will happen to the house, in the wake of the coach’s leaving the Broncos, is unknown.

My entire apartment could fit into the pool of that place. I hate my life.

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