Bynum’s Life is a Flagrant Foul

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07.22.11 2 Comments

When L.A. Lakers center Andrew Bynum isn’t elbow striking the Dallas Mavericks in their armpits, he keeps it classy by parking his BMW in a crosswalk and across most of a handicap parking space. Cameras at the Bristol Farms Market in Playa del Rey captured footage of the parking job, and would only be sadder and more disappointing if you could see a guy with crutches lying in the background, desperately reaching out for the front door.

A report from gives us the hilarious followup:

When questioned by NBC4, Byum reportedly slammed his car door and drove away without comment.

With an annual salary topping $14 million, the $353 ticket, should he be cited, certainly won’t break Bynum’s wallet. But it is now apparent that the 23-year-old basketball star requires a boost in maturity along with an image revamp.

It’s a terrible image and perception when something like this happens.

“It’s a terrible image and perception when something like this happens,” said DMV Deputy Chief Vito Scattaglia, after NBC4 showed him the pictures.

Apparently this scenario is becoming progressively common in L.A., as numerous businesspeople have been caught on videotape using disabled placards and spots.

So not only is this indicative of Entitled Sports Jerks, but of Los Angeles as a whole. I live in Austin, Texas, and the worst thing I have to deal with in a Whole Foods parking lot is people walking across the street diagonally as slowly as possible. I don’t see any D-League Austin Toros guys parking their 5 Series on the sidewalk and shoving down amputees to get to the quinoa. But seriously, dude, you’re seven feet tall. If you park 10 rows back it’s what, four steps and you’re there? Those spots are there for a reason, and a comedy blog shouldn’t have to explain why you’re a dick if you park in them.

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