A BYU Player Celebrated Their Game-Winning Hail Mary By Hugging A Referee

If you missed it, the end to Saturday’s game between BYU and Nebraska was nothing short of spectacular. Backup quarterback Tanner Mangum came in for the injured Taysom Hill and led the Cougars to a 33-28 win thanks to an insane hail mary on the final play of the game. It was, almost certainly, the best game during the first week of FBS football, and it’s hard to imagine that any of the games over the next day or two will find a way to top it.

Of course, when you win a game in such a dramatic fashion, emotions are going to be running high and players are going to be really happy. That was especially the case for Cougars WR Terenn Houk, who saw teammate Mitch Mathews come down with the ball and immediately looked at the official at the edge of the end zone to see his call. Once Houck saw that the official signaled for a touchdown, he celebrated. Not with a teammate, but by running up to that official and hugging him.

It was a really brief celebration, probably because hugging an official is kind of weird, but it was still the most genuine and hilarious moment of the weekend.