Caddy Gets Rewarded For Golfer’s Hole-In-One

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07.28.10 13 Comments

David Maxey was just another recent college graduate trying to make ends meet, working as a caddy at Woods Golf Course, presumably an upscale joint seeing as it still uses caddies. Last Friday, Maxey was assigned to caddy for Stan Andrie, a local business owner playing in a member-guest tournament. It was business as usual for Andrie on the course until he reached the last hole and asked for his 6-iron. Maxey instead suggested a 5-iron, as if they were poorly reenacting Happy Gilmore, and the rest is upper crust, white collar history.

Andrie asked Maxey if he wanted a big tip or the brand new Jeep Wrangler that was the tournament reward for a hole-in-one should he ace the par-3, and Maxey joked that he needed a new car. And, well, you can obviously guess that Andrie sank the shot and gave Maxey the Jeep. Congrats, you’re psychic, you want a cookie?

Get me my whacking stick, Muskegon Chronicle:

Andrie’s generosity was lauded by fellow club members at the post-golf reception and the story of his promise and the subsequent “caddy shock” was written up in the local newspaper, The Herald-Palladium of Southwest Michigan.

“I don’t think he originally thought I was going to actually give it to him,” said Andrie, who has three college-age daughters of his own. “But I stuck to my word. I was happy to do it. He’s a great kid.”

The 23-year old caddy has been working at the golf course for nine years, claiming to have witnessed more than 700 rounds of golf. Yet he had never caddied for a golfer who had hit a hole-in-one until this serendipitous round.  Regardless, Maxey is the proud owner of a new Jeep, and as one of my friends pointed out – a nice tax payment.

But I prefer to focus on the positive of a story like this, so hopefully Maxey will be driving along in his new Jeep when he notices an out-of-control bus speeding at him. Thanks to his new Jeep, he can maneuver to safety, and narrowly avoid being demolished by the bus that eventually drives off a cliff. Feel good? Well you shouldn’t. Andrie’s daughters were on that bus because their dad didn’t give them a Jeep.

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