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Adam Scott's caddy earned his paycheck by dispatching of a father-and-son heckling team during final hole of the opening round of the U.S. Open on Friday. His weapon of choice: none of those handy clubs at his disposal. Too easy and swinging one might cost his player a stroke. No, the caddy, ever the fan of Bonk's Adventure, used the ol' noggin.

Two rowdy fans, a father and son, were arrested and hauled to jail on charges of being drunk in public. Arrested were Thomas W. Campbell, 62 of Upland, and Thomas J. Campbell, 37, of Apple Valley.

After hearing a fan verbally abuse him and his golfer, Adam Scott, caddie Tony Navarro charged the ropes that keep fans off the course, went under the ropes with his bag on his back and head-butted or chest-butted the younger Campbell, knocking his cap off. The two wrestled, and the younger Campbell took a punch at Navarro, but missed, according to Lt. Dan Christman of the San Diego Police Department. Mickelson's caddie, Jim Mackay, also went through the ropes to help Navarro and could be heard yelling, "Where are the cops?" 

Cops know to steer clear when vigilante caddy justice is being meted out, especially when said caddy bothers to do so without so much as dropping the golf bag. Especially one savvy enough to go after the more physically able 37-year-old heckler over his 62-year-old father.That's a much better job than the teenagers they get at the country club. They won't even fight each other for anything less than $200. What happened to the dedication?

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