Chinese Arena Football Has The Best Touchdown Celebrations In The Entire World

The NFL has become the No Fun League so many times over that it’s impossible to keep track. It has clamped down on touchdown celebrations, stopped their own teams from sharing highlights on social media, and generally behaved like a sports league run by Roger Goodell, with a focus on money above all else and little, if any, regard for its players.

But let’s not worry about any of that right now, because the Chinese Arena Football League is here to rescue us from NFL stuck-uppery. The CAFL is absolutely doing the lord’s work with their elaborate touchdown celebrations, which include sword fighting with a football, doing an elbow drop (or perhaps a sidewalk slam) followed by a referee three-count, and my favorite of all, the Curly Howard floor spin (at midfield, no less). Literally the only thing missing from that is a loud “WOOP-WOOP-WOOP-WOOP.” But I’ll forgive them that.

Kudos to you, CAFL. We will be monitoring your touchdown celebration progress with great interest.