Cain Velasquez Is The Arnold Schwarzenegger Of UFC Commentary

Via YouTube:

Heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez mic’d up Octagon-side for UFC 156 as his next opponent is determined. See Velasquez’s live reaction as he watches Bigfoot Silva pull off an epic knockout against Alistair Overeem. Velasquez faces Bigfoot in the rematch at UFC 160 this Saturday, May 25th.

What the description doesn’t point out is that Cain Velasquez’s live reaction is almost no reaction, and his cold, obvious explanations of what you’re watching reminded me way too much of Arnold Schwarzenegger doing commentary on Total Recall. Just replace “this is me on the screen here” with “Overeem threw 2 to 3 punches.”

I guess I can’t blame him too much. This is his job, after all. But hey, if he wasn’t enthusiastic about Bigfoot Silva’s win here, I’d like to see him run commentary on this clip of Bigfoot trying to fit into a normal sized man’s helmet and do laps around a racetrack in Sao Paulo.


What is that even gonna do?

[h/t to ME]