11.19.08 10 years ago 10 Comments

Baseball great Cal Ripken canceled a youth baseball clinic he was scheduled to run in Nicaragua, pussying out because of “dangerous political strife” in the wake of hotly contested elections.

[T]he program sponsors canceled the last day of the tour because protesters were blocking major roads in Leon and they were concerned parents and the youths would not be able to attend, U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Kristin Stewart said.

Opposition party supporters are claiming election fraud and have clashed with leftist Sandinista party supporters, blocked roads and held protests since the Nov. 9 municipal elections.

Aw, that sucks.  They really shouldn’t have canceled.  Just send little brother Billy in Cal’s place.  Worst case scenario: the kids learn baseball from Bill Ripken.  Sure, it’s also possible that the Sandinistas might kidnap Billy and hold him for ransom, but that’s not gonna work out.  Billy Ripken error cards are worth more than Billy Ripken.


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