This Surfer Somehow Escaped Unscathed After A Shark Took A Huge Bite Out Of Her Board

This surfer in California is more than lucky that her board was only thing that suffered damage from a shark attack. On Saturday morning, a shark took a huge bite out of surfer Elinor Dempsey’s board. Somehow, she was able to avoid getting bitten herself, and made it safely to shore. Per KSBY, an NBC affiliate in Santa Monica, Ca., the bite happened on Saturday morning in an area called Morro Bay.

Dempsey showed the missing chunk of her board — which was bigger than her head, I might add — to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services official. He estimated the bite came from a six-foot long sub-adult white. Which to me just sounds like one heck of a big, and scary shark.

Dempsey noticed a dark figure appear under her board when she was floating on it, “And next thing I knew (the shark’s) body was right here. Like literally next to me,” she told KSBY.

State Park authorities have informed the public to stay out of the water around the area of the attack for a minimum of 72 hours.

[Via: KSBY]