Watch Calvin Johnson Catch A Touchdown On Thanksgiving For The Seventh Year In A Row

Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford might have spoiled their Thanksgiving dinners because they’re eating the Eagles defense alive during today’s Turkey Day game. Stafford has thrown for 337 yards and 5 TDs, with Calvin Johnson officially going Full Megatron by catching 3 of the scores. This is how it should be.

Johnson is now in rare territory as one of the few to catch a touchdown pass for seven Thanksgivings in a row, like your Uncle Gary. Except in that case, the stakes were far lower and Calvin Johnson isn’t wearing sweatpants and a Dick Butkus throwback jersey.

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This thrashing leads to further speculation that Chip Kelly’s days in Philadelphia are numbered. The Eagles are looking at a 4-7 record and just lost cornerback Nolan Carroll to a broken ankle with the Patriots looming in week 13.

If the Bears lose to the Packers tonight, the Lions will take 3rd place in the NFC North with a surging defense and soft schedule on the horizon. But with turmoil in the front office and questions on how Stafford and Johnson work in their immediate future, this could be a Thanksgiving moment we may never see again.

(Via NFL)