Watch Cam Newton Try Out Aussie Rules Football, And Discover How Hard It Is

09.09.15 3 years ago 10 Comments

Cam Newton spent the offseason expanding his horizons beyond the shores of the States. He went halfway across the globe to spend some time with the Richmond Tigers of the Aussie Football League, learning their unique style of football and picking up a few skills as well. The trip was a part of a Gatorade YouTube campaign highlighting what motivates their athletes off the field.

Australia is starting to churn out some NFL talent. The San Francisco 49ers recently signed Jarryd Hayne, who played Australian rugby. Aussie rules football is actually a completely different game from rugby. Both sports use a similar ball, but the two sports differ in the amount of players on the field, field shape, passing methods, and scoring.

However, that uniquely shaped ball is featured often in the video. Punting the football is a key skill in both sports. A handful of players have come from Australia to become punters in the NFL because of their unique flip-flop punting style which is useful for pinning teams inside the 20.

Cam tries to test his punting skills in the video, but that’s one skill the dual-threat quarterback may never develop. He did, however, learn how to dribble a football on the ground, which may come in handy if he ever wants to attempt a truly insane football move.

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