Check Out Some Of Cam Newton’s MVP Worthy Highlights

cam newton
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Cam Newton and the Panthers were already up 38-0 on the fading Falcons by the time the third quarter was over, and they would go on to win by that score after many of the backups took over in the final frame. The Panthers made sure that there was no chance that Atlanta would be the team to stop the Panthers’ unbeaten season, as Carolina did pretty much whatever they wanted all day long.

Newton only had to throw the ball 21 times but he threw for 265 yards and three touchdowns anyway, all while putting together a highlight reel in one game that many players would love to have for the whole season.

Newton first had a little fun with the Panthers’ fans before the game with a new twist on his signature Dab.

Once the action started, he torched the Falcons’ secondary with two beautiful passes to Ted Ginn Jr.that both ended up as touchdowns.

He also continued his awesome tradition of giving away touchdown balls to kids, and this time he deked out another fan to ensure that the ball went to a youngster.

Newton also made this throw, which just gets crazier and crazier every time you watch it.

As it turns out, Cam Newton is pretty good at football.

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