Cam Newton Gave Some Curious Answers About Concussions And Race In America

cam newton 2016
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Cam Newton did an interview with GQ magazine and, well, it’s interesting. It starts off like any other run-of-the-mill sports story in which the subject talks about the importance of winning. Then he hits on the topics of concussions in the NFL and race in America, which apparently aren’t a big deal.

There’s an exchange between writer Zach Baron and Newton that reads so oddly that each person had to misunderstand the other, like when two people think they are talking about the same thing when they are not. Chosen is the name of Cam’s son.

What about the parents who won’t let their kids play football anymore? Would you let Chosen play?

“Of course. Why wouldn’t they let them play football?”

I’m incredulous that he’s so incredulous.

Concussions. Brain damage.

“But they don’t talk about the joy it brings! Super Bowl Sunday trumps every TV rating known to man.”

It’s weird, right? Exclamation pointing a response to a question about his son potentially having brain damage with joy and Super Bowl ratings makes no sense to me. Was the statement phrased differently than what we see in the text? Did Cam hear it wrong because he was trying on a pair of $3,000 leopard-spotted leather pants at the time?