Cam Newton’s Pharrell-Style Hat Made Quite An Impression At The Lakers-Cavs Game

Kobe Bryant played against LeBron James for the last time on Thursday night, which was a hugely significant moment for both the NBA and the two players. It was one of the rare times when you can take a step back and consider the history of what you’re witnessing. It would take something really huge to overshadow it — something like, oh I don’t know, a gigantic hat. Worn by Cam Newton.

Yeah, that might do it. The reigning NFL MVP is using his offseason time wisely, scoring court-side seats for Kobe and LeBron’s last game against each other, but it seems he can’t go anywhere without scoring a little of the spotlight for himself. Pharrell may have popularized the giant sort-of-cowboy hat look for the rich set, but on Twitter, looking like that will still bring out the jokesters.

The Cavaliers predictably wound up beating the Lakers by a score of 120-108, but to hear the internet tell it, the real loser on the night was Cam.

Before his Super Bowl defeat, Cam was on a hell of a hot streak. We wouldn’t be surprised if the hat was just the latest in a serious of attempts to recapture his mojo. Or, you know, he could just like really huge hats.