Cam Newton Posted An ‘iNSP1RED’ Instagram Message With Ali Lurking Over His Shoulder

02.12.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Remember how mad everyone was because Cam Newton didn’t have all that much to say after the Super Bowl? He eventually had some things to say at his exit interview two days later that weren’t all that enthralling, but he stood there and answered questions.

Well, here’s some great news if you just can’t get enough of Newton talking — he posted a message to Instagram filled with umlauts and words that have numbers in place of letters.

This season has been an incredible journey and I want to thank PANTHERNAT1ON and all of the fans that iNSP1RED us to great achievements. iAMnøtPERFËCT and I will make mistakes but I will continue to work on improving each day trying toPERFECTallMYimPERFECT1ON. Pursuing greatness is my commitment, and I will continue to be TRÜ to myself, to my FAM1LY and to making all of YOÜ who follow me PROUD! iW1LL W1N… MY WAY… and hope to iNSP1REüALLtoW1N…. ürWAY! -1OVE
#dontBEaPUPPET #stayTRÜtoÜ

Between the umlauts, numbers and capitalization randomization, that message would have taken me 30 years to type. But wh3n Ü r the MVP Ü can do anyth1ng you want becauseYOÜaretheGR3at3ST. #N3WTON

On the bright side, sports writers, you can now insert this important quote from Newton directly into your Super Bowl game stories.

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