Watch Cam Newton’s Little Brother Pull Off A Filthy Spin Move

Cam isn’t the only Newton with superhuman football powers.

Caylin Newton, Cam’s little brother, is the starting quarterback at Grady High School in Atlanta. Standing at 5-foot-10, 165 pounds, Caylin doesn’t quite have Cam’s size, but he has moves for days. In this highlight, he turns Washington High School defensive back into a pile of ashes with a Madden spin move from the early 2000s. Even Cam would had to blush at this outrageous move. That poor defensive back looked like he was trying to tackle a ghost.

From the looks of the highlight tape above, Caylin can really sling the ball, as well. He has a chance to be a legit college prospect if he continues to improve in his junior season. If he doesn’t hit that ideal quarterback height, I’m sure Cam would love to have him as a wide receiver, seeing as Ted Ginn, Jr. is currently slotted as the Panthers’ No. 1 guy.

(Via Max Preps)

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