Cam Newton Dressed Like Santa And Made A Huge Donation To Help Underprivileged Children

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton isn’t enjoying the 2016 NFL season quite as much as he did the 2015 NFL season. The league’s reigning MVP has taken a step back individually on the field as his team struggles mightily and, beyond that, Newton has run into some off-field concerns including the fact that he was unceremoniously benched for a recent game due to wardrobe issues. On Tuesday, though, Newton put all of that aside for a very good cause and reminded the sporting world that he probably isn’t a bad guy after all.

Newton visited the Barrington Academic Center in Charlotte to bring some Christmas joy and, in addition to appearing as Santa and spreading cheer with his general presence, he did not come empty handed.

Newton provided the center with a gift of $30,000 to jumpstart a program geared toward helping underprivileged children, and he also helped to provide backpacks jam-packed with food. This is the type of thing that often goes unnoticed for professional athletes of any achievement level, but in the case of Newton, this isn’t the first time he has provided an uplifting spirit in the Charlotte area and it probably won’t be the last. Cam Newton is under the microscope, with good reason, for his play on the field and team-related issues but this was an awesome thing.