Watch Cam Newton Deliver The Perfect Rebuttal To Ed Hochuli’s ‘Too Young’ Denial

09.30.15 4 years ago 8 Comments

Cam Newton has lived up to his Kryptonian nickname this season by leading the Carolina Panthers to an impressive 3-0 record. During their Week 3 victory over the Saints, Newton frowned upon a hit he received from a defensive tackle after he had released the ball. With no penalty called, Newton brought his concern to head referee Ed Hochuli through a chummy conversation after the play, expecting a reasonable explanation for the missed call. He did not receive one. Instead, Hochuli allegedly told Newton that he was not old enough to get the call.

The NFL, being the bastion of integrity that it is, will discipline Hoculi for this kind of discriminatory application of an established NFL rule. Knowing this, Hochuli has already issued a denial of any wrongdoing in this situation.

Cam Newton isn’t buying it. At all. Everything from his droopy beanie to his slouched—some would even say deflated—body language is a full affront to Hochuli and his denial. He delivered that sideeye glare to the room full of media members with pinpoint precision. Cam will shake off every blasphemous statement from this situation like an eager defensive end. He knows exactly what he heard, but hearsay isn’t enough evidence to convict, even in the duplicitous courtroom of the NFL.

(via Black and Blue Review)

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