You Can Now Vote For Which Fighter Will Make The Cover Of EA’s UFC Game

Among the very few details that we know about EA’s upcoming UFC video game from the Microsoft Xbox event earlier this year, Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is going to be on the cover. Obviously, that’s a given and shouldn’t shock anyone, but now we know that he’s also going to be joined on the cover by one of 16 fighters that we get to choose from. Fans can now visit the UFC website to vote for the first round of this mini tournament through Nov. 10, at which point the next round will begin with the 8 remaining fighters.

Obviously, this is a wonderful chance for us UFC fans to do some serious vote trolling. For example, just the thought of Miesha Tate winning her first round match with Ronda Rousey is hilarious, because on no planet in this or any other universe or dimension does Tate deserve to win. But thanks to democracy… she can. But if I had the almighty power or being able to rig this thing, I’d want Chael Sonnen on the cover with Bones.

They could call it “The Champ and the Guy who Thinks He Deserves to be a Champ of Something.”