Can Vince Young Get A Table Dance?

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06.14.10 8 Comments

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young is at the center of a NFL investigation today after his involvement in a physical altercation at a Dallas strip club early this morning. Young allegedly struck a fellow patron of the gentleman’s establishment after he flashed an upside-down Longhorns gesture at the former Texas star. For his efforts, Young was issued a Class C assault citation, which comes with a maximum fine of $500, and is comparable to a traffic citation. Of course, that’s the “Hey, you can’t turn on red here” variety, and not the “Look out! It’s Donte Stallworth!” kind.

A statement was already issued on behalf of the NFL this morning, and the league will be investigating this situation to determine whether or not any disciplinary measures will be necessary. In fact, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello announced the league’s intention this morning via Twitter, thus making the job of “NFL spokesman” as effortless as Luke McCown.

Give me an inverted, double-flipped, backwards DeVry gesture, USA Today:

The last thing Roger Goodell needed was another high-profile player involved in an incident in a strip club…

Still, with the way that Goodell has put the hammer down on any indiscretion, you have to believe that Young will get at least a lecture from the commish.

Young has yet to release a statement, but he was most likely just upset with all the confusion about which conference the Longhorns will be playing in come 2011. Meanwhile, he’s got Lendale White crashing on his couch and eating him out of house and home. And to top it all off Kerry Collins keeps following Vince everywhere, “icing” him – in the gym, the shower, the mall, his bedroom, and finally at a Dallas strip club – so Young was probably just under a lot of pressure.

While nobody was left with a life-threatening injury or paralysis, Adam “Pacman” Jones reached out to Young this morning to assure him that if he works hard and continues to put forth an effort of 110 percent, then maybe one day he, too, can be involved in a real strip club altercation.

Surveillance footage of the big, sloppy fight is available after the jump.

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