Canadian Doctors Mum On NHL Action

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04.12.11 7 Comments

Canadian surgeons are outraged (outrehged?) after medical officials in British Columbia, or the snoottier Columbia if you will, have ordered them to cease all loose talk during surgeries, especially that of hockey. It seems that patients have complained that B.C. doctors have been yapping about their favourite NHL teams while performing operations down at the medical centres, and with that I’m all out of lingual stereotypes.

According to the French Tribune

Dr. Heidi Otter, Registrar of the province’s College of Physicians and Surgeons said that they have issued this advice post listening to a complaint of the patient, who said that his surgeon was discussing a hockey game with nurses while he was operating his eye. Dr. Otter has further marked that a reminder has been included in the quarterly report, which was posted on the licensing body’s website last December.

“In a patient-centred system, you first consider the patient. Some patients may want to hear their surgeon announce what is happening and other patients may not want to hear a word,” she said.

If you made it through that poorly translated mess, then you deserve your own Stanley Cup, but I won’t be too hard on the author, Annabel Tautou, because I’m going to assume she’s related to Audrey Tautou, who is rather magnifique, according to this renflement in my pantalon.

As for the point of this tale of Canadian intrigue, if I’m going under the knife and it makes the surgeon comfortable to talk about hockey, then by all means talk about hockey. If my surgeon wants to talk about hardcore goat-on-man pornography to avoid killing me then he can talk about it. Just don’t mind this erection, eh?

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