Cancel Baseball: We Have Monster Trucks Doing Backflips

It’s usually bad form to start the day with a video, but this is too good to wait.

I’m the last guy on earth to say that one activity is a sport and that another is not. Some people will call baseball a sport, but not golf, even though anyone playing baseball will spend half of the game leisurely sitting on his ass. At least in auto racing you have to turn the wheel. Yes, counter-clockwise.

That (somehow) brings us to monster trucks, which is more of an exhibition than a sport, kinda like how karate masters might smash bricks or Reggie Bush might contract Hep-C. But don’t tell me that doing a backflip in a monster truck doesn’t require the same measured approach and testicular fortitude as hitting a 100-mile-an-hour fastball or running a post route over the middle. TRUCKS DON’T GO THAT WAY, SECOND-GENERATION MONSTER TRUCK STAR RYAN ANDERSON. But he ain’t care, and our world has been enriched because of it.

Anderson has my vote for Athlete of the Year. Thanks, 2011. We’ve seen enough.

Via Sharebros Greg and Francis.

UPDATE: Apparently Travis Pastrama did this last year. Thanks, Oski, for the heads-up.