One Reporter Predicted Issues With The Controversial Judge In The Canelo-GGG Fight Days In Advance

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A few things are for sure after the bruising clash between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin on Saturday night. The first is that the fight was a modern classic that featured everything you want from a boxing match. The second is that the decision in the fight was full of controversy, once again proving that even a great fight is bound to get a little dirt on it. We’ve seen the reactions to the fight’s conclusion, the controversial scorecard that led to the decision, and the thoughts of the boxing community.

While Teddy Atlas had been calling out for controversy all week, his post-fight comments truly seemed to capture the feelings of some after the decision came down and what it means for the sport. But he wasn’t alone in this line of thinking. As it turns out, Yahoo Sports senior writer Chris Mannix called out the controversial judge in question almost a week before the fight:

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