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The Morning Meat is a veritable treasure trove of news, scores and links to jump-start your waste of a day. It’s the best kind of meat for Friday, aside from the McRib. Nothing beats the McRib. Img from Guyism.

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Renewed, for 2010, the Name of the Year tournament. The perennial spoof of the NCAA tournament’s bracket format pits unique names against one another and subjects them to popular vote. Among this year’s nomineees are Coke Wisdom O’Neal, Nohjay Simpson, and Spontaneous Gordon. Spontaneous, for the record, is a female.

Dropped, by nearly 50 percent, the overall rating for pro wrestling’s “TNA Impact” TV show four nights earlier. The Monday night program delivered a 0.98 rating for its second broadcast going head-to-head with the more-established “WWE RAW.” TNA’s first such program, which aired January 4th, enjoyed a peak rating of 1.88. The large discrepancy had mainstream media pundits continually shouting “Fake!”

Died, from cancer Thursday, Hall of Fame defensive lineman Merlin Olsen. The former Ram was as renown for his gameday broadcasting work as for his 15 NFL seasons on the field. And that beard of his was rather kickass, also.


  • Art Modell’s kid has a pie-in-the-sky solution for ending the NFL’s labor strife.
    Pro Florio Talk.
  • Tebow aficionado Dan Shanoff confronts reality and backs off his “first-rounder claim.
  • Just what I needed…another reason to love ESPN’s Michelle Beadle.
    Outside The Boxscore.
  • Interesting plans are afoot for South Park’s 200th episode.
    Warming Glow.
  • Technology makes older people grumpy, but this guy makes some solid points.
  • As far as movie villians go, the September 11th attacks are the new waterboarding.
  • I still don’t get this whole Lindsay Lohan lawsuit.

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